[mod_python] apache API and mod_python <-> protocol module integration

fitnah55 fitnah55 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 21:14:18 EST 2003

okay i'm still having a little problem with this, since i'm trying to
get telnet into full duplex character mode..

apparently the connection object is buffering the input for a CRLF
and i cant quite isolate where this is actually occuring

i see the GETLINE and GETBYTES stuff but so far i cant follow the
flow so well

im sending IAC+DO+ECHO and IAC+DO+SGA (supress go ahead) which should
get the client into the right mode, but the connection read buffer is
still boggling me, if u have any idea

> Well, after some looking, apparently the APR does work this 
> way, it's just
> that the way the connection handler was coded probably 
> because I didn't
> understand APR well enough at the time I made it loop until specified
> length of bytes was read (I started out with replicating 
> req.read(), which
> knows how much data there is to read).
> I attached a patch to the connobject.c that changes its 
> behaviour so that
> read(len) will read at most len bytes, and will only block if 
> no data is
> available. And len is an optional argument.

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