[mod_python] apache API and mod_python <-> protocol module integration

k d fitnah55 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 16 14:56:14 EST 2003

>There is an example of a simple echo module here:

whoa... i totally forgot modpython had a connection handler

do you think its possible to get it to work with character mode input and 
proper display environment?  like a fully functional telnet not just a hack?

>BTW, if using Apache is not a requirement, then doing something like this
>might be easier in twisted (twistedmatrix.com).

yeh i checked out twisted but it's really heavy on stuff i don't need, plus 
the multiplexing and python persistency is a requirement, so 
apache2/modpython is a definite must have..

as far as implementing the protocol i can probably dupe code in twisted, but 
its not fully functional either so it'd just serve as a rough sketch to help 
with initial design

the only problems i really see that i might have are getting proper ascii 
transmission and getting hotkey capable character input

i'm super stoked that i don't have to deal with an apache2 protocol module 
to do it though! woohoo!

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