[mod_python] calla function from form and via link

sandor.kopanyi at mailbox.hu sandor.kopanyi at mailbox.hu
Tue Jan 21 11:41:49 EST 2003


I have a function which fetches some things from a database; it has
2 parameters: req and an id. The req is used to extract username and
password for the database connection, the second is info needed for

I call it from a FORM, which has an INPUT field, called id, req is
passed "by default". Everything goes fine.

My problem: I would like to use the same function, with the same
purpose, but in this not from a FORM. but from a dynamically generated
But in this case I - obviously - miss the req, which is "given" to me
when calling a function from a FORM.

Is there any nice trick to solve this problem?

I use publisher handler, on RedHat 7.3, apache 1.3.23, mod_python 2.76,
python 1.5.2 (yes, it's old stuff, but is OK by me for the time being :)


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