[mod_python] Re: Query about client server interaction

thanos at 0x01.com thanos at 0x01.com
Fri Jan 17 09:58:09 EST 2003

Use a meta-refresh in the html header of you status page. 

So your status page keeps loading itself until the work is ready. 


ps: using pso would make your life easier.

Tim Parker (UK) writes: 

> Hi,
> This is both a bit of understanding mod_python and also how CGI scripts in
> general work, basically I have a long running query which can take up to a
> minute or so to process, I want to return a page to the User immediately
> saying what it is doing, ideally I would like this page to get updated
> during the processing of the other operation.  And then when it has finished
> the process it loads the resulting page on the Client.
> I believe some of this is possible with server-push but this only works in
> Netscape as far as I can tell.  Also I can load a temporary page and have a
> refresh every few seconds which will check to see if the other process has
> finished, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a clever way to achieve
> this, ideally to have a dynamically updating page which checks the status of
> the process and when it has finished loads the final page.
> Thanks in advance for anyone who has any ideas on this.
> Cheers
> Tim. 
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