[mod_python] IE not using cached images

Geert Jansen geertj at boskant.nl
Wed Jan 15 22:55:57 EST 2003

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 04:17:08PM -0500, Jason Morgan wrote:

> Please excuse me if this question is elementary. I am having trouble
> with IE and its refusal to use images it caches. What happens is the
> first time I hit my site, everything works as it should - all images are
> downloaded, etc. If I then hit another page on my site with the same
> images, IE refuses to use the images in its cache and instead requests
> all of them again. Not only that, but the rollover images are requested
> each and every time I put the mouse over the images. Now, if I hit
> reload, then everything works fine again. If I hit another page, again,
> the same problem, over and over and over again.

I have seen this problem too. I did the following things:

* Make sure an appropriate "Last-Modified" http header is sent.
* If the image is dynamically generated, make sure that there is
  no query part in the URL, i.e. the part after '?'. I think MSIE
  reloads these URLs every time. You can still pass parameters by
  using path_info.

For me this worked.

Geert Jansen

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