[mod_python] installing apache,mod_python and python

Maheeba Syeda m.syeda at public-health.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 8 09:59:42 EST 2003

hi every1,

need some help with setting up the following.

I have Python 2.2.2, Apache 2.0.42 and mod_Python 3.0.1 on a 
Windows 2000 system, and want to
enable python files on an Apache hosted site.
How can I set it up?
I get the error:
Syntax error on line 491 of c:/program files/apache
Invalid command 'PythonHandler', perhaps mis-spelled or defined 
by a
module not
included in the server configuration

That section in the httpd.conf file contains:
<Directory "C:/Program Files/Apache 
   AddHandler python-program .py
   PythonHandler mptest
   PythonDebug on

is there anythng i am missing? i have been trying to get it working 
for the last 2 days. is there anyone who will be able to help me with 
this? a step-by-step direction of what to do will be appreciated very 

thanx in advance.

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