[mod_python] Hello, this is my first post - Compiling mod_python on Windows

Victor Medina vmedina98 at unitec.edu.ve
Sat Jan 4 21:48:47 EST 2003

Hi everybody, have a happy new year!

My name is Victor Medina, I am from Venezuela. I am a c++, java, php and 
python developer (I just like OOP =) ) and also a web developer and I also 
have a open source project on SourceForge, it is named Ikirux.
Ikirux is an effort to build an easy to install completely integrated web 
development environment based around the Apache 2 webserver and other open 
source technology.
Ikirux severs currently support:

Apache, webdav, php4, the latest openssl, zlib and mod deflate, tomcat, 
mysql4, and i want perl and python support out of the box for the next 
release, every thing under a nice, configurable and fast installer built 
with the Inno Setup Compiler.

I am currently working on the next release of the Ikirux server. I want to 
integrate the mod_python module into the next release, but i am having 
problems getting it compiled on  my test machine. I am currently using 
Visual Studio 6 SP5 and Cygwin tools on a Windows 2000 Server SP3. Checking 
out the mod_python source I found a VC project for the Visual Studio .NET, 
which I don't own right now. Anyway, I read the project file (it is a xml 
file!) and try to build a VC++ 6 project out of the information on that 
file. Compiling fails awfully. I also have a complete install of Python 
2.2.2 that i built and the apache 2.0.43, complete; that is binary, 
libraries and source tree.

Is it possible to built mod_python with VC++ 6?

How can I built it?

Thanx for the help

Victor Medina
UNITEC - Venezuela
vmedina98 at unitec.edu.ve
msn: victor_medina at hotmail.com   

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