[mod_python] test.py fails on RH7.2

Lex Berezhny LBerezhny at DevIS.com
Sun Feb 2 17:27:34 EST 2003


  I am trying to use the unit testing framework provided with mod_python
for building my own applications. But I was getting a User error when
running the bundled test.py. Below is a patch to test.py that fixes the
issue on my box:

> 			Directive("User", "nobody"),
> 			Directive("Group", "#-1"),

  Not sure if this is an issue only on my box, but thought I'd be a good
user and report it :-)

My setup:

RedHat 7.2
Apache 2.0.44
mod_python 3.0.1
Pyhton 2.2.2

Lex Berezhny <LBerezhny at DevIS.com>

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