[mod_python] Execution limtis

Jeff Davis jdavis-mod-python at empires.org
Sat Feb 1 03:50:58 EST 2003

Is it possible ot control the max execution time for a single request? I'd 
like to install mod_python in a virtualhosting environment, and I think I can 
control the RAM with an auto-imported setrlimit module, but I don't want to 
control execution time with that because it would kill the process in the 
middle of a request (right?).

If it's not available currently, is it even possible to implement a timeout 
without changing python itself? I would be interested in implementing it if 
someone can help me think of an idea how to do it. I know many other system 
admins would install mod_python if it could be controlled in a way similar to 

As a convenience, I think it might be helpful to provide config directives to 
setrlimit() the apache process on startup to certain values. Would the 
developers be interested if I were to implement that (I've made 1.3 apache 
modules before, so I figure I could handle some changes to a 2.0 module).

	Jeff Davis

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