[mod_python] mod_python not working on Mac OS X 10.3

Carl-Johan Kihlbom div at newcode.se
Sun Dec 28 18:52:53 EST 2003

Hi list,

I've installed mod_python on my Mac, but can't get it working. When I  
restart Apache after configuring httpd.conf I get the following error:

Syntax error on line 276 of /Library/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /Library/Apache2/modules/mod_python.so into server: dyld:  
/Library/Apache2/bin/httpd Undefined symbols:

I'm using mod_python 3.1.2b on my laptop running Apache 2.0.48 and Mac  
OS X 10.3.2.

In Mac OS X 10.3, Python 2.3 is installed by default, and the library  
and include files are in  
python2.3/ respectively. I created symlinks to these at /usr/lib/python  
and /usr/include/python.

Any ideas what I did wrong?


Carl-Johan Kihlbom

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