[mod_python] Re: FW: Any way to embed Python in HTML?

Mark Smith mark at camazotz.com
Mon Dec 22 22:13:50 EST 2003

> I am new to mod_python and haven't seen any examples where you can put
> python code in HTML pages. Is this not supported? If not supported, is
> there any way or work around (other than using the request write 
> method)
> to separate HTML writing from coding?

PWO (http://www.jamwt.com/pwo/) is a simple JSP-style processor that 
allows you to embed Python code.  I think it has a less cluttered 
syntax than many of the alternatives.

If you want something more complex that supports MVC, have a look at 
Draco (http://draco.boskant.nl/).  It's nicely thought out and well 
documented (although the database component is rather low-level.)

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