[mod_python] Newbie questions 2

fowlertrainer at anonym.hu fowlertrainer at anonym.hu
Fri Dec 19 12:31:04 EST 2003

Hello !

Part 2:

      How to I prevent some effects ?
      I want to be create an one-main-file-handled site.

      a.) So I want to remove the .py from main.py file in the
          browser, if possible.
      b.) I want to eliminate or redirect the main.pyc file, what is
          created by python in everytime.
          This file is downloadable from browser, and if any users
          have some python experience, or an decompiler, that these
          persons can get informations from my site !
      c.) I want to the main.py is let my 'index.html', so if I don't
          write any tags, that it have been processed.

          These elements let do same thing !!!



Best regards,
 fowlertrainer                          mailto:fowlertrainer at anonym.hu

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