[mod_python] re: trouble installing mod_python

Mark McClain mark at gsoa.net
Mon Dec 15 13:33:23 EST 2003

I've been able to build mod_python on 10.3 making very few changes.   
This process uses python 2.3 that comes with 10.3.  The problem that 
you are experiencing is because the linker does not get told to link to 
the python framework by apxs.


1) Build and install apache2

2) Unpack the mod_python distribution

3) make the following changes to the configure script. here it is in 
modified form...

if test "$PyFRAMEWORKDIR" != "no-framework"; then
   if test -n "$PyFRAMEWORK"; then
     PyPYTHONLIBS="-framework $PyFRAMEWORK"

    # explicitly pass to mac linker so add this line
     LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -Wl,-framework,Python"

4) run configure, make, then install

Good luck,


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