[mod_python] Re: Python CMS with PgSQL

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Tue Dec 9 11:26:23 EST 2003

Jason Tesser wrote:

>>Don't reinvent the wheel. Building your own CMS is not a good idea 
>>unless none of the existing "CMS type" web frameworks do what you need - 
>>which would be very surprising as there are dozens of them for both PHP 
>>and Python; do a bit of research and pick one that suits your needs 
>>best. For python, Zope is the largest and most difficult for someone 
>>coming from PHP world. There are also many alternatives to a full-blown 
>>CMS that you may find yourself more comfortable with, such as mod_python 
>>:-) Also be very careful when you see the word CMS used about a platform 
>>or product... it is used ultra-liberally in the industry.
>I have looked at all the ones I know of but they all lack some of the features or
>control I need.  I need to have a lot of users changing and editing content 
>(text only) and it all goes to an editor.  All layout, graphics and photos need 
>to be filtered through a different person.  Some types of content ie news needs to 
>be approved by a vice president.  Zope can be extended to do all this but with
>what I would need to do to extend it I might as customize it and write it
>myself.  I do have a little experience with Python as I have written a POS
>system in it.  The CMS I need will eventually even handle online registration as
>I work for a Bible College.  I don't see it as reinventing the wheel I just 
>don't like being tied down to a framework.  That is why I don't like Websphere
>or J2ee.  
I would have a look at plone, it's a CMS built on top of Zope


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