[mod_python] PSP bug report

Dan W. dwmp at opti.cgi.net
Wed Dec 3 22:15:43 EST 2003

I realized my error too late.  I needed a blank line after the loop.  PSP 
was considering the rest of the page to be part of the loop and since the 
loop did not execute neither did the html.


At 09:14 PM 12/3/2003 -0600, you wrote:

>It turns out that my problem wasn't related to the worker MPM after 
>all.  After minimizing the code down I've found that PSP fails on zero 
>element for loops.  The following PSP page should reproduce the problem.
>for x in range(0):
>     pass
>Hello world
>Does the PSP maintainer read this list?
>At 05:54 PM 12/3/2003 -0600, you wrote:
> >I'm running into a weird problem with 3.1.2b and Apache 2.0.47 compiled
> >under the worker MPM.  I have two Apache processes, each with 25
> >threads.  I have a very simple PSP page which imports a simple .py module
> >and prints out a value.  The problem is that the page is only served part
> >of the time.  When it is served, it is correct (no tracebacks), but if I
> >do a browser reload a couple times it will eventually serve a blank
> >page.  I can immediately do a browser reload a few more times and get a
> >few more blank pages.  Then if I wait a few seconds and do a browser
> >reload again then it will serve up the proper page.
> >
> >I'm not quite sure how to verify it, but it appears as though one process
> >is having a problem with mod_python while the other process is functioning
> >properly.  Any suggestions on how I could verify this or other ideas?
> >
> >I wasn't able to find anything in the documentation on MPM compatibility.
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >-Dan
> >
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