[mod_python] does mod_python is ready for production env. ?

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Tue Dec 2 15:17:18 EST 2003

Yes, mod_python is extreamly viable in a production enviroment.  Draco I
cannot answer for, I tend to use Albatross.

We have used mod_python for several large sites without issue, the
problems have always been our own doing =)

In my personal tests, I found mod_python right behind mod_perl in terms
of speed and ahead of php.  My tests revolved around how I wanted to use
mod_python (big app using a mysql backend on linux), so if you are
worried about speed I recommend you conduct your own benchmarks with the
way you will be using mod_python.  At the time I was new to python, so
I'm sure there were ways to speed up the mod_python test site.

It's worth note that a C module will blow the doors off of a
perl/php/python site.  So if speed is really an issue, C is the way to
go.  If it's not that bad, then in terms of preformance perl/php/python
are all close enough to make it a non-issue.

I hate php as well ;)


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> Subject: [mod_python] does mod_python is ready for production env. ?
> Sorry to ask this (may be stupid), but I plan to use
> mod_python and Draco (see in links of the mod_python
> site) on a production environment (a web service that
> our enterprise will provide via http servers)
> Is there any experience of mod_python on a production
> env. ?
> What about stability, fiability on a heavy loaded web
> site ?
> Is there "show stoppers" to use mod_python on a
> production env. ?
> Thanks 
> PS : I'm pythoniac since years, and I definitively
> hate php (just a personnal point of view).
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