[mod_python] Strange caching problem

john spurling synec at viscous.org
Wed Aug 27 21:07:18 EST 2003

On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 10:51:32PM -0500, Simon Willison wrote:
> I'm experimenting with the idea that mod_python stays resident in 
> memory. Here's the handler script I'm using:
> from mod_python import apache
> counter = 0
> def handler(req):
>     req.content_type = 'text/html'
>     req.send_http_header()
>     global counter
>     counter = counter + 1
>     req.write("Counter: %d" % counter)
>     return apache.OK
> If I load it up in a browser and continuously hit refresh, the number 
> only increments every 4 or 5 page loads. I was expecting it to increment 
> each time. Don't worry - this isn't how I intend to implement a page 
> counter, it's just an experiment I'm using to try and gain a better 
> understanding of this capability.

grep for "StartServers" in your httpd.conf. i'm guessing it's about 4
or 5. 

i had this same problem when implementing sessions. each httpd
instance has its own individual python interpreter. you might just
want to set StartServers to 1 while playing around, but then don't
forget to increase it before "shipping" any code so you don't
inadvertantly write a bug like you have in the above example
code. it's easy to do.


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