[mod_python] How do I serve up .html files?

Kirk Bailey idiot1 at netzero.net
Tue Aug 26 20:15:28 EST 2003

Stian Søiland wrote:

> On 2003-08-26 04:42:06, Kirk Bailey wrote:
>>When a browser accesses a html page, one includes a SSI exec tag. That 
>>means Server Side Include, exec(ute).
> What did you drink that night? This is the mod_python list, discussing
> mod_Python, not SSI =)

Stian, I sugggest you be nice, and not go trolling. He asked a basic question 
about how to get a html page to access a cgi program; Go back and read the 
letter he wrote. I was discussing exactly that. One gets a page to access a 
script with a ssi tag. He did NOT ask how to configure apache, or how mod_python 
works. He asked how to get a page when requested to acess a cgi program. I was 
addressing exactly that point, at a basic level. Granted, his letter was a tad 
off topic, and even a little below the general level of technical skill 
devlopment this list usually displays, but he asked, I replied, being a 
generally helpful person.

As for you rather personal question about my personal behavior last night, not 
that it is any of your business, the answer is: NOTHING. I'm stone cold sober, 
and was last night. Your assumption was and is dead wrong.

Your behavior in this matter is rather unprofessional sir, and uncharitible to 
those around us of lesser technical skill- and disrespectful to those more 
nearly your peer. This cannot but hamper your ongoing career in Information 

I suggest you consider the many people who mentored you in your early days, and 
how they suffer your novice level questions gladly, and helped you along your 
way. There is a word: payforward, where we pay 'back' the tutilage and gentle 
patience given to us in the past, by helping others later on when we can. I 
encourage you to adopt such a charitible attitude.



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