[mod_python] Problem understanding PythonAccessHandler

Farrell, Doug DFarrell at ScholasticLibrary.com
Fri Aug 8 10:21:23 EST 2003

Hi all,

I'm trying to make use of mod_python to build a content server. This server
gets it's content from one of our product servers and strips out irrelevant
stuff and delivers that. The product server is authenticated and we use a
mod_perl script to do that part. I'm not at all familiar with mod_perl or
Perl for that matter, but would like to do the authentication/access using
mod_python. However, I'm having problems setting up httpd.conf to do the
right thing. Here is a section of http.conf from the product server that
uses mod_perl:

	#authenticate the whole product
	<Location /gme-ol/*.html>
       		PerlAccessHandler Apache::grolier::grolier_auth

	#authenticate the applications and log them as well.
	<Location /cgi-bin>
       		PerlAccessHandler Apache::grolier::grolier_auth

Here is a section of my content server http.conf:

	ScriptAlias /cs /data/cs/handlers

	<Location /cs>
		SetHandler python-program
		PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
		PythonDebug On

	<Directory /cs/gme/handler>
		AddHandler python-program .py
		PythonAccessHandler gme_auth

My script, gme_auth.py just returns apache.OK for now till I figure out how
to authenticate. But it looks like it's never being called. 

Can anyone give me some help about how to set this up correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Doug Farrell

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