[mod_python] File Upload Problem

Ron Wills ron at rwsoft.ca
Fri Aug 1 15:13:56 EST 2003

  I've seem to have found an oddity will binary file uploads with
modpython on windows 2K. I've created a file upload form in which a zip
can be upload to restore a mysql db. I use the util.FieldStorage class
to parse the request and it seems to convert all \n characters in the
binary file to \r\n.
  It doesn't seem to be the browsers (Tested with Mozilla 1.3 1.4, EI 6
and Opera) and I can't see it being Apache (Never run into this problem
using PHP). Is there a way to tell modpython it's binary and not to do
any conversions on the upload?

	Apache 2.0.46
	modpython 3.0.3

  Thanks for any help.

Ron Wills
RW Software
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