[mod_python] Building mod_python installer for Windows

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy grisha at modpython.org
Wed Apr 2 11:53:03 EST 2003

To build the windows installer, you have to first compile mod_python.so
using MS VC++ (there is a project file in the src directory), then you
copy the mod_python.so to a UNIX server. The actual installer,
paradoxically, has to be build on UNIX, and it's as simple as cd-ing into
dist and running "make windist". It *does* require python 2.3 (but only
to build the installer, the actual mod_python.so can be build with any
version of Python above 2.2).

I have no idea if or how this would work on cygwin though.


On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, David Fraser wrote:

> Hi
> I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on how to build the
> mod_python installer for Windows.
> Seems that the dist subdirectory contains stuff to build it using
> distutils, but there was a comment that it should only work in Python
> 2.3 because of post install scripts. Is this true? Does this affect the
> build machine only or the target machine too?
> Secondly it seems to need to have had configure run. This brings up more
> general build issues. I have mingw, MSys, cygwin installed. However
> configure wants apxs which doesn't come with my Apache 2.0 build for
> Windows, and presumably I need a source tree for Apache. Do I have to
> actually build Apache for Windows, or is just the source sufficient?
> Thanks
> David
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