[mod_python] signal handling

Clarence Gardner cgardner at netlojix.com
Tue Sep 17 09:43:16 EST 2002


I've recently noticed that an application that I ported to mod_python
is unable to do signal handling. In particular, it sets a SIGALRM handler,
which gets correctly registered (as confirmed by a second call to
signal.signal), but after an alarm() call, the signal handler just
never gets delivered. It works fine as a CGI. I noticed that Apache
uses SIGALRM internally, so for fun I tried registering a SIGWINCH
handler instead and then sending myself that signal, and that didn't
get invoked either.

I've seen this on two different system configurations; one was
using Apache 1.3.22, mod_python 2.7.6, and Linux 2.2.19.

TIA for any help with this.

Clarence Gardner
Software Engineer
NetLojix Communications
cgardner at netlojix.com

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