[mod_python] Upgrade problem

Jeff Davis list-mod_python at empires.org
Sat Sep 14 16:33:13 EST 2002

What OS, old mod_python version, new mod_python version, and apache version do 
you have?

How did you install the new version? Is it possible that it didn't properly 
install the mod_python lib? If you were installing from a package, is it 
possible that it wasn't built correctly?

What URL were you using to access your page? What are the contents fo your 

Please provide the most simple example you can that still reproduces the 

It seems like it might be a problem related to the mod_python library and the 
URL. Perhaps mod_python was updated and the mod_python library wasn't? 
Perhaps the new mod_python library doesn't work correcty?


On Saturday 14 September 2002 02:35 pm, John Angelmo wrote:
> Hello
> I recently upgraded both mod_python and Apache with portupgrade. Now there
> seems to be some problem I only get this output:
> Mod_python error: "PythonHandler mod_python.publisher"
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/mod_python/apache.py", line
> 193, in Dispatch result = object(req)
>   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/site-packages/mod_python/publisher.py",
> line 88, in handler if func_path[-1] == ".":
> IndexError: string index out of range
> My apacheconfig:
> <Directory /usr/local/www/data/wa>
>             AddHandler python-program .py
>             PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
>             PythonDebug On
> </Directory>
> /John
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