[mod_python] python-dev list

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Sat Sep 14 05:23:26 EST 2002

* Greg Stein <gstein at lyra.org> [020914 03:48]:
> That's all great and everything, but somebody must take the time to get this
> work completed. Since this is an entirely volunteer thing, that means that
> it will take time. And other things may be prioritized first...

Got you. Greg, as you well know, text manipulation in python is rather trivial.
So maybe some on this list with some spare time on their hands could give this
a try. I would see a few ways to handle this problem. One would be to simply
grab each message in the mod_python archive (just writing a script to grab each
through the web interface), and then post it to the apache list. Problem here
I foresee is that original dates and posters' identity may get lost from message
headers, though they could be pasted into the message content, or preserved 
some other way. But I don't know if this is good behaviour for a mailing list 
archive (to see entire mod_python.org list as if posted on the same day).

Another alternative would be to work directly on the storage files and 
transform the mailman data files (provided mailman messages are somehow 
available in clear text) into ezmlm files, through multiple passes. Used this 
technique to transform java source into python. But unlike java2python, I doubt
ezmlm would accept some flat file(s) as ezmlm archive files just like that, out of the blue. Someone knowledgeable in both mailman and ezmlm internals migh 
pull thid off.


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