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Greg Stein gstein at lyra.org
Sat Sep 14 00:48:01 EST 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 01:53:37AM -0500, vio wrote:
> * Michael Neel <neel at mediapulse.com> [020914 01:04]:
> > Apache is using ezmlm; of which I have no idea how it works.  Maybe we
> > could show asf the light and get them to switch to mailman? =D

That's been tried :-)

> I wonder if trying to propose such a fundamental switch to ASF is feasible,
> especially if the use of ezmlm is 'entrentched' at apache (I have no clues)

It runs *all* of the mailing lists, so yah: it's entrenched.

> and there are no major issues with it.

I'd prefer Mailman, but most of the people doing mailing list admin are more
comfortable using ezmlm. And no, there aren't really any major issues except
for the lack of a good web archive (altho there is some work on getting
Eyebrowse set up for this, but Eyebrowse sucks)

> surely there must be something about ezmlm to making them choose it (I am 
> doing a lot of guessing here, so I guess they must have been aware of mailman
> when they decided on ezmlm instead).

At the time that new mlm software was needed, Mailman was still in Beta.
Brian looked into using it, but apparently there were some problems with it
on FreeBSD, and the mailman devs weren't responsive/active enough to track
down the problems at that point. So... the move to ezmlm.

> Just skimming the ezmlm.org site, seems it is very good at handling 'huge'
> mailing lists (half a million subscribers). Maybe that's its core competitive 
> advantage. Also supports MySQL RDBMS which sounds interesting.
> (accessing the ezmlm FAQ seems quite slow, though). And is optimized for speed.
> I don't know, maybe ezmlm is better suited for ASF's needs than mailman (on
> which I must plead total ignorance, sorry).

The ASF sends out an *incredible* amount of email to the mailing lists each
day. Yes: the MLM must be efficient as hell. DJB has certain, um, issues,
but his software is seriously speedy.


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