[mod_python] Filter chaining bug

Gary Benson gbenson at redhat.com
Thu Sep 12 17:39:46 EST 2002


I've been playing around with chaining PythonOutputFilters and run into
a dead end.  It seems that mod_python can be the first filter in a chain
quite nicely but it can't be a subsequent filter and it's not obvious
why (to me, anyway).

The attached tarball contains a fragment of httpd.conf that sets up
filters from mod_python and mod_include in some directory.  Everything
works except

  data.flt.flt -- two mod_python filters chained, the second segfaults
  data.shtml.flt -- mod_include outputting into mod_python, mod_python

Is anyone else is able to reproduce this and/or does anyone know what is
wrong here?


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