[mod_python] new to list, will mod_python ever simulate what mod_perl does?

Mark Nielsen mod_python at ns1.tcu-inc.com
Fri Sep 6 21:32:13 EST 2002


I have been pushing myself to use Python more than Perl in the last few
years. I really really like the way mod_perl has turned out and how 
there are tons of modules developed for it. 

Although I use Zope, I don't use it for everything I do and a lot of times
I have no interest in using any publishing modulei for Apache -- yet.
Thus, I like to use the CGI hanlder for now. It caches scripts, modules,
and has hooks into Apache. 

The one thing I seem to be missing with the CGI handler is a standard
way to do persistent database connections. Is there one?

It would be really cool to port all the Perl modules for mod_perl over
to mod_python. Is anybody doing that?

One more thing, I tried to compile mod_python for Apache 2.0 and it keeps
seg faulting apache 2.0. I ma using Python 2.2.1 and RedHat 7.3. 
Anybody have similar problems but got it to work?


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