[mod_python] Modifying publisher for sensible URLs

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 6 14:12:14 EST 2002

* David Higgs <drh9296 at ritvax.rit.edu> [020906 13:40]:
> That functionality is already possible if you roll your own handler. 
> Depending on the amount of functionality you want, you may only need 20 
> lines of code (or less) to parse and dispatch the request.

If I may add, to me this is why mod_python is so damn exciting: its flexibility!With a little python under your belt, and basic understanding of how apache and
'request/response' kinda works, one can make it do absolutely whatever you want.
Adding more 'default' behaviour is nice too, put proportionally will rise the 
learning curve. As a point of comparison, Zope has a lot more functionality 
built-in (I mean 'out of the box'), but the learning curve is proportionally 
steeper, while drastically cutting into Zope's flexibility (in my opinion).
Did I mention that Zope has gotten so huge, with a lot of useless 'fat' 
if you only are looking for very specific functionality.
Flexibility = good, fat = bad.

My 2 c.

(PS. Hope I haven't started another religious war or Zope bashing campaign,
just wanted to point out that sometimes -though not always- 'leaner' is better)

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