[mod_python] Web Hosts that support mod_python?

Michael Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Sat Oct 26 14:42:44 EST 2002


	I think that's it's all of the above.  First would be a lack of
popularity.  Going to apache's website it hard to find any info on
python under apace at all (hopefully this will change soon).  Next, you
do need a python skilled tech guy to admin and understand the mod_python
issues, and I'm guessing he's hard to find right now compared to perl or

	I'm also not sure of those ISP's that offer mod_perl, how many
of them go beyond just using it for "fast CGI".  Allowing someone access
to embed an apache module in any language is a risky option.  Also, to
setup such a module you would need conf file access, and I'm sure most
ISP's don't like that idea either.

	Now the conf file issues may have resolution, but I'm not sure
how feasible it is to do, so I throw this out for feedback.  What it the
module "registered" itself for the hooks it wanted to use?  This way
there would be no need to change a conf file once setup.  Having the
feature in the conf file to restrict which hooks a module could register
for as well might be nice.  Lastly, having a way to call the module in a
url dynamically would help, so that no setup was needed in a conf file
to say where the module was, i.e. /python-bin/myhandler.py would use
myhandler.py as the module which registered hooks on it own, but
/python-bin/other.py would be a completely different handler all on it
own and neither one mentioned in the conf file; just some type of
"<Directory>" config to say that /python-bin was a handler directory and
that those handlers could register for any of the following hooks.

	I don't know of anything that works like the above, so this
would be very new to the apache world.  I'd like to think it would help
in getting more ISP's to support mod_python, but that's just a guess.
Either way, I'd like to know what others think.

Michael C. Neel
Director of Software Development
Mediapulse, Inc.
Mod_python hosting available

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Hi Michael,

Are there any technical reasons why mod_python isn't supported by most
hosting companies, is it just not popular enough to justify support, or
is it just a policy thing?

If it is anything but a policy thing, please throw a post on mod_python.
Technical tweaks could be made, or maybe someone would write a
webhosting mod_python HOWTO to make life easier for hosting providers.

If the answer is lack of popularity, we'll just have to wait a while. I
know quite a few folks up here in Boston that are moving to python or
ruby for rapid web application development from perl or C++. CPU cycles
are so cheap there isn't much reason not to anymore ;)


> I've seen this question asked here a few times, and wondered why we 
> (my
> company) doesn't do this.  So I talked it over, and I'll be able to
> mod_python support when requested to an account.  I don't think it
> be advertised on our site, but email me and I can get it setup.  We
> already have MySQL available, and I could install albatross as well
> since I use it often.

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