[mod_python] Permissions Question on Linux

Rich Pinder rpinder at usc.edu
Tue Oct 22 11:36:08 EST 2002

Sorry for the simplicity of this question.

I'm putting together a site that uses Apache and mod_python and kinterbase to insert data into a Firebird 
(Interbase) server.

All the software resides on the same machine.
I've done some preliminary work on win32 machines, but now am configuring the SuSE 8.1 server.

Heres the question:  Are there any good practice guidelines on what specific Linux user account should be 
running (owning) the scripts, and where they should be residing ?  Rather than just getting something together 
that works, I thought I'd see how others do it.

thanks in advance for your thoughts

rich pinder
usc school of medicine

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