[mod_python] Win mod_python.so not found by Apache

Cassiano, Marco mcassiano at manord.com
Mon Oct 21 17:27:56 EST 2002

Hello everybody.
My configuration is : 

Windows 2000 Server SP3
Apache 2.0.43
Python 2.2.1 by ActiveState
Mod_Python 3.0 Beta 3 

I put the mod_python.so in the ServerRoot/module folder.
I put lib/mod_python folder in the c:/program files/Python22/lib folder

In the Apache httpd.conf I put the line :

LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so

When I start the Apache service I always get the error (taken from the
application event):

Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	Apache Service
Event Category:	None
Event ID:	3299
Date:		21/10/2002
Time:		16.49.54
User:		N/A
The Apache service named  reported the following error:
>>> Syntax error on line 67 of C:/Program Files/Apache
Group/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:     . 
The Apache service named  reported the following error:
>>> Cannot load C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/modules/mod_python.so
into server: 
The specified module could not be found. 

But the mod_python.so file is right there !
What Am I missing ?

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