[mod_python] Documentation patch for kwargs change in publisher.py

rmunn at pobox.com rmunn at pobox.com
Wed Oct 2 08:59:13 EST 2002

To go along with my earlier patch adding **kwargs functionality to the
publisher.py dispatcher, here's a documentation patch to keep the docs

Robin Munn
rmunn at pobox.com

--- doc-html/hand-pub-alg-args.html	2002-09-24 11:59:13.000000000 -0500
+++ doc-html/hand-pub-alg-args.html.new	2002-10-02 08:52:51.000000000 -0500
@@ -58,7 +58,11 @@
 object expects. This list is compared with names of fields from HTML
 form data submitted by the client via <code>POST</code> or
 <code>GET</code>. Values of fields whose names match the names of callable
-object arguments will be passed as strings.
+object arguments will be passed as strings. Any fields whose names do
+not match the names of callable argument objects will be silently dropped.
+But if the destination callable object has a <code>**kwargs</code> style
+argument, then fields with unmatched names will be passed in the
+<code>**kwargs</code> argument instead.
 If the destination is not callable or is a class, then its string

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