[mod_python] can't find mod_python.so

Mark Messer mark_messer at calypso.com
Sat Nov 30 14:11:42 EST 2002

I put mod_python.so into the modules directory, but I get an error when
starting Apache:

Syntax error on line 173 of C:/tools/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load C:/tools/Apache2/modules/mod_python.so into server: The
specified module could not be found.

I added this to the LoadModule section of httpd.conf:  LoadModule
python_module modules/mod_python.so

Here's the directory listing:
C:\tools\Apache2\modules>ls -al mod_p*
-rwxrwx---    1 Administ SYSTEM      40960 Oct  3 06:58 mod_proxy.so
-rwxrwx---    1 Administ SYSTEM      20480 Oct  3 06:58 mod_proxy_connect.so
-rwxrwx---    1 Administ SYSTEM      28672 Oct  3 06:58 mod_proxy_ftp.so
-rwxrwx---    1 Administ SYSTEM      24576 Oct  3 06:58 mod_proxy_http.so
-rwxrwx---    1 Administ SYSTEM      65536 Nov 26 17:49 mod_python.so

I am running mod_python 3.0.1, Python 2.2.2, Apache 2.0.43, Windows XP
Professional.   Tried changing perms and ownership to match what was there,
but that did not work.

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