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Arcady Genkin agenkin-lst-mod_python at thpoon.com
Mon Nov 25 16:16:57 EST 2002

"Javier Quinteros" <jquinte at fadu.uba.ar> writes:

> Has anyone been able to compile and install modpython in a Solaris 8 OS

Yes, I have version 2.7.8 compiled, installed and working under
Solaris 8/Sparc with Apache 1.3.27.  I had to install Python with
threads turned off in a separate location; apart from that, everything
was quite easy.  Here are my install notes:

,----[ mod_python ]
|   - env PATH=/opt/python_threadless/bin:$PATH \
|         ./configure --with-apxs=/opt/apache/bin/apxs
|   - make
|   - make install

Python 2.2.2 was installed with the following config options:
--prefix=/opt/python_threadless --without-threads .

I can't claim that this is the optimal configuration, but this seems
to have worked for me.

Hope this helps,
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