[mod_python] Apache segfault when using PythonImport

Peter Bowen pzb at datastacks.com
Fri Nov 22 16:02:24 EST 2002

Apache is segfaulting when I use the PythonImport directive.

I have seen it under two slightly different conditions:

A) Apache 1.3.23 (from Red Hat Linux 7.3 errata), Python 2.2.2 without
threads, and mod_python 2.7.8

In this case the backtrace shows that the segfault occurs in ap_palloc. 
The stack looks like ap_palloc -> ap_pstrdup -> ap_table_add ->

B) Apache 1.3.23 (as above) or Apache 1.3.27, Python 2.2.2 with threads,
and mod_python 2.7.8

Different backtrace.  Dies in pthread_mutex_lock, called from

Has anyone had sucess with using PythonImport with python 2.2 on apache


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