[mod_python] Authentication like php !

Hector A. Paterno ps0 at igmp.com.ar
Tue Nov 19 12:07:20 EST 2002

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 03:44:42PM -0500, Tony_Burger at circuitcity.com wrote:

Could you bring me the python version of the perl script ?

Tnks a lot.

> Yes in fact, using mod_auth_mda.  I have converted the perl script using
> mod_python and setup cookie checking for the client.  It looks as though
> the module is still only available for Apache 1.3.xx.  Looks like the
> website has been enhanced since I viewed it last, should help with setup.
> There was a lot of talk on the message list about the bit-masking
> technique.
> http://www.frogdot.org/mod_auth_mda/index.html

Hector A. Paterno

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