[mod_python] 3.0.0 beta 4 - compile on Mac OS X

Nathan Robertson nathanr at nathanr.net
Tue Nov 12 13:15:02 EST 2002


I've been fighting mod_python 3.0.0 beta 4 on Mac OS X 10.2.2 this 
morning. Compiling against apache 2.0.43, python 2.2.1. The filesystem 
is UFS, not HFS+.

Apache is configured as such:
./configure --with-mpm=threadpool --enable-so 

and mod_python:
./configure --with-apxs=/Volumes/UFS/local/httpd-2.0.43/bin/apxs

make runs fine, make install breaks. Looked into it, and apxs doesn't 
create src/.libs/mod_python.so, only mod_python.lai (and the .la symlink 
to it). I tested this under Linux/PPC and Linux/i386 and both of them 
create the .so fine.

Has anyone else tried a similar setup on Mac OS X? Any successes?


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