[mod_python] Default function for Publisher in 3.0

Arcady Genkin agenkin-lst-mod_python at thpoon.com
Mon Nov 11 14:04:59 EST 2002

"Michael C. Neel" <neel at mediapulse.com> writes:

> This is an untested guess, but I think apache needs to see "index.py" in
> the document root before it will send the client a redirect to
> spam.com/index.py - try doing a touch index.py in the doc root and see
> what happens...

The document root is '/var/www/data', and I do have a script
'/var/www/data/index.py', which, in turn, has an 'index' function.
Connecting to http://spam.com/index/index and http://spam.com/index
works fine (i.e. the default function is working properly), but for
http://spam.com/ I get the backtrace, included in my previous message.

Any more ideas?
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