[mod_python] Sub-request/Internal redirect questions

John D. Garberson john.garberson at nexos.com
Mon May 27 16:57:52 EST 2002


I'm new to mod_python and am trying to get a feel for it and the 
Apache API by duplicating the modules that Stein and MacEachern
show in their very nice Apache modules book, but of course using
mod_python instead of mod_perl or C.

A technique that seems to come up fairly often after the first easy
examples is to use sub-requests and redirects. These seem to be generated
by the request object's lookup_file, lookup_uri or internal_redirect
methods.  I don't find any mention of these methods in the mod_python
documentation, and it sort of looks like they haven't been implemented.
But then I've found some other stuff that isn't documented just poking
around in the module's C and python source code, and maybe I'm missing
something obvious.  Also, looking back through the list archives for the
last year or so, I've found some references to work-arounds for the re-
direct stuff.  Maybe people with more experience know other such tricks?

Can anyone give me a tip on how a sub-request (or for that matter, an
internal redirect without using work-arounds) is generated using
mod_python, or what methods can be used to replace this functionality?

Thanks for any ideas.

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