[mod_python] __doc__ entries

Cole Tuininga colet at code-energy.com
Mon May 20 09:08:45 EST 2002

I'm very new to mod_python, so I hope you'll have patience with me.  8)

I have mod_python set up to use index.py as its PythonHandler.  The idea
is that I'm going to have the handler routine scan through all other .py
files in the directory, pull the description of the class in each file,
and use that as a link.

For instance, I might have a changePassword.py with the docstring:

"""Change Password: Click here to change your password"""

If this were in a class called changePassword, I would expect to be able
to do the following:

import changePassword

def handler( req ):
	req.write( changePassword.changePassword.__doc__ )

However, this gives me an error calling the value to req.write a
"None".  However, if I essentially do the same thing within the python
interpreter fired up from the shell, it seems to work.  

Help?  Thanks in advance.

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