[mod_python] questions/ideas

Michal Vitecek fuf at mobil.cz
Mon May 13 17:00:00 EST 2002

 hello everyone,

 i'm taking a decision whether to use python or php in my next project.
 i'm leaning towards python and mod_python, but i found some
 problems/questions/ideas that i'd like to know answers to first.

    a) as i did my previous projects in php i now find it quite strange
       that i need to call a certain function of a script. this makes it a
       bit more difficult to use the few global variables that i plan to
       use and from time to time makes the whole program into a single
       function (one tab is taken)

    b) the publisher submodule needs to know the name of the function to
       run - would it be possible to change it so that it doesn't need it
       ie. run the whole script instead?

    c) the publisher submodule reads the whole output of a function to a
       variable - for a sites with large html pages this could be 100s of
       KBs. this could mean a noticeable performance slowdown - also
       because the output must be prepared first. how about if the
       function output the resulting html code to a stream?

    d) i noticed that the python interpreter is not the same even for a
       single virtualhost (even when i explicitly define its name with
       PythonInterpreter) => the persistence is kept only withing every
       apache child. with increase of the number of children a new
       interpreter is created that doesn't inherit from the main one (i'm
       using python 2.2.1 and apache 1.3.20).

    e) in php it's possible to have the php code mixed with the html one -
       ie. there are special marks, that mark the start and end of php
       code. i think it would be a nice option to have in mod_python
       because it helps imho to create scripts the allow for easy to
       review code.

	thank you for your time
		fuf		(fuf at mobil.cz)

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