[mod_python] Does anybody succeded in running mod_python with python 2.x under RH 7.x ?

Mateusz Korniak Mateusz.Korniak at ant.gliwice.pl
Sun May 12 21:48:52 EST 2002

On Sunday 12 May 2002 21:10, you wrote:
> Try configuring it with just one argument:
> ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs

If I did so it found old python (under RH there are two separate executables 
python is 1.5.x and python2 is 2.x )
checking Python version... 1.5

So I fooled ./configure by
$ cp /usr/bin/python2.2 /usr/bin/python 
then it worked OK but got big warning about python threadness

checking Python version... 2.2
checking whether Python is compiled with thread support... yes

  ****** WARNING ******
  Python is compiled with thread support. Apache 1.3 does not use threads.
  On some systems this will cause problems during compilation, on others
  it may result in unpredictable behaviour of your Apache server. Yet on
  others it will work just fine. The recommended approach is to compile
  Python without thread support in a separate location and specify it with
  --with-python option to this ./configure script.

also I got warning during startup:

# /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd configtest
[Sun May 12 21:23:44 2002] [warn] Loaded DSO modules/mod_python.so uses plain 
Apache 1.3 API, this module might crash under EAPI! (please recompile it with 
Syntax OK
[root at beauty /root]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd graceful
/usr/sbin/apachectl graceful: httpd gracefully restarted

but apache seems to work. :)))
I don't know how dangerous are those warnings .. but thanks a lot for help ;)

Mateusz Korniak
ANT sp z o.o. http://www.ant.gliwice.pl/

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