[mod_python] I need advice, please...

Johannes Erdfelt johannes at erdfelt.com
Thu May 2 20:16:08 EST 2002

On Thu, May 02, 2002, Javier Quinteros <jquinte at fadu.uba.ar> wrote:
> I have seen an example in the FAQ to share the connection to the Database 
> between many modules using a global variable. I was trying to do the same but 
> I realize that a new connection is established every time I click a link. All 
> works fine until all the job is done and I return apache.OK. After that, the 
> variable holding my DB Connection seems to get lost and I have to connect 
> again. Someone told me that I should use any module that let me share memory. 
> That's ok and I've done that too, but everyone uses pickle to convert the 
> object to a string. The matter is that Connection Objects cannot be converted 
> by pickle. Does any of you have any idea, please?

The problem is that Apache forks off a number of children to handle all
of the requests.

It's probably not forgetting the value, it's just that you're hitting a
new Apache child.

Using the code in the FAQ, you'll have one database connection per child
maximum, which is usually reasonable.


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