[mod_python] Please deinstall & rebuild/reinstall Python withWITHOUT_THREADS set.

Matt H matt at proweb.co.uk
Tue Mar 26 12:53:06 EST 2002

I'm doing a new install in FreeBSd 4.5
I'm getting 

Error: Python installation in /usr/local uses threads. mod_python requires
it to be built without threads. Please deinstall & rebuild/reinstall Python with

and yet here's partial output from the python install (blank lines for highlighting)

checking for --with-libs... no
checking for --with-signal-module... yes
checking for --with-dec-threads... no

checking for --with-threads... no

checking if --enable-ipv6 is specified... yes
checking if RFC2553 API is available... yes
checking ipv6 stack type... kame
using libc

oh what to do, I need to get my site back up again!


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