[mod_python] Windows 2000 + Apache 1.3.23 + python2.2 + mod_python 2.76, Error

Adrien Pisson rien at yeepa.org
Tue Mar 19 19:13:59 EST 2002

I'm using windows 2000 too.

When i first added the "LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.dll",
the server complained about not being able to do something i don't remember
with a *.c file.
So i added "AddModule mod_python.c" and even if i don't have any
mod_python.c, it works fine.

In case this do not help in any way, enable the server-info module by
uncommenting the following lines:
LoadModule info_module modules/mod_info.so
AddModule mod_info.c
and all other lines related to server-info (you may have to change the
"Location /server-info" directive to allow it from all) .
Then launch a browser, and type http://localhost/server-info/. From this
page you can look at the modules loaded, and see if mod_python is correctly


ps: btw, it seems there are some many errors in the mod_python manual
concerning windows installation... or the manual is unclear...
i'm not sure of all i say but if anybody as some explanations, they are
welcome. Here it is

- point 1:
  * "Move (or just drag & drop) the mod python-x folder into the Python lib
     folder (i.e C:\ Program Files\ Python\ lib)."
    i'm not sure of it, but i think the mod_python-x folder should be also
    renamed 'mod_python'

  * "Move the files in the folder lib inside the mod python folder (C:\
     Program Files\ Python\ lib\ mod_python-x\ lib\ mod python) to the
     C:\ Program Files\ Python\ lib\ mod_python folder. It's safe to delete
these folders we
     just emptied."
    the first path is incorrect: it's

- point 2:
  * it talks about adding the LoadModule directive, but on my installation,
    had also to add a AddModule directive (i don't really know why...)

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