[mod_python] Instances and differences between Win32 and Linu x

Nik Barron Nik.Barron at pennantplc.co.uk
Thu Jun 27 08:06:42 EST 2002

> > This works fine in Win32; I do the locking by a simple 
> > dictionary, e.g. if user nik is editing requirement foo,
editLocks['foo'] = 
> > 'nik' and so on.
> How do you make other threads wait for editing on foo to finish?  By
> busy-waiting?

Yep. The edit is fairly quick and there's only a dozen or so users, so the
chance of a collision is fairly small to begin with. 

> The standard approach is to keep some kind of external shared storage
> between the different children.  If you just need to share a single
> hashtable, Python's 'shelve' library could be quite simple to use and
> satisfactory.  Things based on some kind of shared-memory DB will not
> necessarily be any slower than threads in a single memory space.

Thanks, I'll have a look...

> To make you feel better about this, there are some benefits to the
> Unix approach:

Indeed. Unfortunately for the immediate future it'll probably have to stick
on Win32 as I need to get it up and running this week, but v2 should be a
lot nicer :-)

Many thanks again for the suggestions


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