[mod_python] mod_python segfault

William Robertson wkr at cs.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 26 22:27:48 EST 2002

On 26 June 2002, Martin Pool [mbp at samba.org] wrote:
| At a guess, you are using a different version of the Apache source to
| compile mod_python than the one that was used to build httpd itself.
| Are you using an SSL patch perhaps?

I'm using mod_ssl, but that shouldn't matter as it's a DSO, right?
Anyway, trying without it loaded didn't make a difference.  Also, I'm
not compiling mod_python statically against an Apache source tree, and
I thought apxs would take care of using the correct Apache installation.

I did just try compiling against an Apache installation from a virgin
1.3.26 tree which worked perfectly, though.  Configurations were
identical AFAICT, so this is probably a Gentoo issue.  I guess I'll take
a closer look at those vendor patches...

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