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Yandle, Hans Hans.Yandle at cingular.com
Mon Jun 24 10:54:59 EST 2002

If you would like a python approach to server side includes similar to what
php does, you might want to check out http://www.ccraig.org/software/pyhp/.
I use it for quick and small stuff. For more complicated work/methods/cgi, I
would recommend mod_python's Publisher Handler (manual 3.4) or the use of
other handlers. 

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hi all -
i been dealing with mod python from a couple of weeks -
but i still dont understand to make stuff as php includes
works good in a python enviromente -
im really interested in web scripting -
and i lookin for a way to use includes or external files with routines and
code to manage my web site.

can someone help me?
a link to a good refernce would be greatù

thank u very much


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