[mod_python] urgent assistance Needed

Adrien Plisson rien at yeepa.org
Sun Jun 16 12:23:00 EST 2002

mod_python mailing-list  being spammed ? huhu...

anyway, do never reply to the former message. simply because it's a trap !
here in belgium, some people have been ruined in tryingto do what they
that's simple :
- first, they claim they need some money to be able to do the transfert
- second they claim money again to be able to pay an intermediary
- third they claim money again and again for an obscure reason
and you will never see the hundreds of dollars they promised you...

and if it's not the widow of president mobutu, it's another old african
so, beware...



ps: btw, being french, i do not remember that french authorities did
confiscate any Chateau...

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