R: R: [mod_python] problem in file download

Johnny Morano johnny.morano at vlaanderen.be
Thu Jun 6 12:01:27 EST 2002

On Thursday 06 June 2002 11:45, you wrote:
> so I thonk is a bug of mod-python on windows?
> I currently use mod python 2.7.6 for python 2.2 and apache 1.3

well, i use mod_python 2.7.8 compiled for python 2.1 and apache 1.3.24
maybe that is the problem

> I tryed also your suggest for cgi(wb, instead that w), but the file will be
> corrupted (not all tranfered, size of 34.4 kb transfered only:4)

well, i have no experience with windows, just linux (debian!) ;-)

> tank you for the time spent for me.

no problem, just wish that i could have helped you ...

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